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Frequently Asked Questions

Search FAQ

  • Virtual Try On

    • How does the Virtual Try On work?

      Our Virtual Try On is as easy as can be! First, choose your favorite frames. Then, click on the “Try On View” button. Lastly, upload a picture of yourself and see how stylish you look in your new FrameGenie frames!

    • How can I upload my photo? Do I need to upload a photo?

      To upload the picture, simply click on the Browse button on the image of the FrameGenie model, and select the photo you would like to use. When choosing a picture make sure that your pupils are visible, and your face is straight and looking forward. You can also click on the choose button and select one of the FrameGenie models to model your pair.

      If you find your perfect pair, make sure to share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!

    • What kind of picture should I upload?

      When taking your picture to upload to our Virtual Try On, make sure to follow these tips to ensure that your FrameGenie glasses fit perfectly!

      • Make sure your pupils are visible in the photo.

      • Ensure your eyes are open.

      • Make sure you are facing forward and your head is straight.

      • Ensure that the room has enough lighting.

      • Smile big! :)
    • Can I try on multiple pairs at the same time?

      Yes you can! With our Virtual Try On, you can try multiple pairs and see how they will look on you!

  • Frames

    • How do I clean my frames?

      It is best to clean your eyeglass frames and lenses with soapy warm water. If you clean just the lenses, the dirt and facial oils from the frame will eventually find their way to the lenses. You can also take your prescription glasses to a local optical store, which has a machine for cleaning eyeglass frames. However, if your frame has any inlaid gems, you should not have them cleaned by machine, only by hand.

    • What do the numbers on the inside of my frames mean?

      The first set of numbers and letters on the temple arm (the part that goes behind your ear) indicate brand name and model number of the frame. In addition, there will be 3 or 4 other numbers listed. These other numbers are the dimensions of the frame. These numbers are in millimeters and tell you the lens width, bridge width, and temple length. The lens height is also listed on many of our frames.

    • How do I know which frame shape is the best for my face shape?

      The simple rule is to select a pair of frames that serves as a contrast to your face shape and the size of the frame is scaled to fit your face. For a square face, choose oval or round frames. For a round or oval face shape, select frames that are rectangular. If you have a heart shaped face, select frames with a narrow, round, bottom-heavy frame.

              Round Face: Wide-rectangular frames and angular shapes.

              Oval Face: Square, rectangular, upswept, or cat eye, larger frames that balance the face.

              Heart Face: Oval or square with rounded edges.

              Square Face: Slimmer frames, wider than the widest part of the face, oval or round.

    • How do I decide between full rim or semi rimless frame?

      Selecting full rim eyeglasses or semi rimless glasses will depend on your prescription and preferred style. For a stronger prescription, it is better to choose full rim eyeglasses. For lighter prescriptions, semi-rimless glasses are also a good option. Your selection should also based on your level of activity. Full rim eyeglasses tend to be better at resisting impact, while semi-rimless eyeglasses are more delicate.

    • Do your frames come in a variety of colors?

      Yes, most of our frames come in multiple color options. You can view the colors options while browsing our frames.

    • How do I adjust my frames?

      Don’t worry if your frames need to be adjusted. You can adjust your eyewear by yourself by following these easy to understand instructions.

      • My glasses are sitting too low on my nose:
        • For Wireframe glasses: Use your thumbs to push your nose pads closer together until they fit snugly against the sides of your nose.
        • For Plastic/Acetate glassesRun warm water for 30 seconds over the part of your frame you want to bend in order to soften it. Next, bend inward at the bridge, the hinges or the bend of your temple arms to make the frame fit more snugly to your face.
      • My glasses are pinching my nose:
        • For Wireframe glasses: Use your thumbs to spread the nose pads out until they fit comfortably.
        • For Plastic/Acetate glassesRun warm tap water over your glasses until they are pliable (this should take about 30 seconds) and then bend the nose piece outward slowly until it fits comfortably on the bridge of your nose.
    • An adjustment didn’t help, I want to return my glasses

      If your frames don’t fit properly, you can exchange them within the first 30 days and we will send you a new pair. If you selected frames that are too small or too big for your face, we will happily help you select a frame that will fit better. Please call us at  (561) 413-9942. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] to retrieve your personal RA number. One of our Agent’s would be more than happy to assist you in exchanging your eyewear and restyling into a different frame.

    • Can you replace my frames if they break?

      We are sorry but we do not offer frame replacements.You can replace your favorite order by going to your “My Account” Dashboard and clicking the “Reorder” link next to the order you wish to replace.

  • Sunglasses

    • Can I order prescription sunglasses?

      Yes! All of our frames can be made into sunglasses. During the checkout process select one of our lens color options for a customized pair of prescription sunglasses.

    • What is the best tint for sunglasses?

      Picking the tint for your sunglasses is really a personal preference. We strongly recommend that you get polarized sunglasses which are available in brown or gray. If you are looking for a solid tint, you can choose from grey, brown, blue, grey/green, pink, purple, or even yellow! The tint percentages refer to the amount of light the lens blocks from your eyes.This option will add a uniformed tint throughout the whole lens.

      We also offer gradient tinting in many color options. This means that the tint color is darker at the top and becomes lighter at the bottom of the lens. We offer two gradient options, dark and light. The gradient darks starts at 85% at the top and fades to 30% near the bottom. The gradient light starts at 60% and fades to 10%.

    • Can I order Non- RX sunglasses?

      Yes! All of our frames can be made into regular sunglasses. Simply choose the “Non RX Fashion” option when it comes time to enter your RX information once a frame is chosen. Be sure to also select your favorite lens color option!

  • Returns

    • What is your return policy?

      FrameGenie stands behind our products and services by offering a thirty (30) day satisfaction guarantee. Once you receive your FrameGenie eyewear, you have 30 days to call or e-mail us for a return authorization (RA) number. This authorization will be needed if you want to return or exchange your purchase for any reason.

      If you made a mistake during the order, or you just don’t like the glasses, FrameGenie will issue a one-time-use 100% store credit (excluding shipping).

      If you feel there is a manufacturing error, return the glasses for inspection within the 30-day warranty period. If our inspection shows the glasses were made incorrectly, we will remake them or issue a refund.

      Our FrameGenie warranty does not cover regular wear and tear to the frames, lenses or coatings.
    • My glasses broke outside of warranty. How do I get a replacement pair?

      Simply log into your account and location your order. Click the “Reorder” link and go through the process to add the frames to your cart and place the order. You must reorder the whole pair of glasses, frames and/or lenses cannot be ordered individually.

  • Using Store credit

    • How do I acquire my store credit?

      Once we receive your glasses back, using your unique RA #, we will issue you a full credit minus shipping. You will receive an email confirmation regarding this credit. When you are ready to place a new order, you will be able to use your store credit. If your order is more than your credit, you will be charged the difference. If your order is less than your credit, the remaining credit will remain in your FrameGenie Account.

    • How do I use my store credit?

      You  must be logged in during checkout to pay with store credit. During the Payment Information step of the checkout process, a “Use Store Credit” checkbox appears above the payment methods, with the balance in parentheses. If the available balance is greater than the order grand total, you will not need to use another method of payment. During Order Review, the amount of store credit applied to the order appears with the order totals, and is subtracted from the grand total. Your store credit balance is adjusted when the order is placed.

  • Shipping

  • Payment

  • How To’s

    • How do I order a pair of frames I bought previously?

      If you love your FrameGenie frames and want to order more, simply log into your account, look up the previous order and if the frames are available, you can click the Reorder link, and those frames will be added to your cart. Be sure to confirm that your prescription has not changed.

    • How do I determine my pupillary distance (PD)?

      The most precise way to obtain your PD is from your eye doctor. If your PD is not included with your prescription, we strongly recommend that you call your doctor and request your PD. 

      If your eye doctor cannot provide your PD and you can’t have it measured professionally, it is possible to measure it yourself or with the help of a friend.    

      What you will need:

      • Millimeter Ruler
      • Mirror or Friend 

      Helpful hints:

      • Make sure to measure your PD multiple times to ensure that it is accurate and consistent.
      • For adults the PD ranges from 54mm - 74mm
      • For children their PD ranges from 43mm - 53mm 

      Steps to Measuring your PD on your Own: 

              1. Stand 8 inches away from the mirror. (Facing the mirror)
              2. While facing the mirror, with your face straight, hold the ruler against your brow.
              3. Start by closing your right eye, and align the the ruler's zero to the center of your left pupil.
              4. While  keeping your face straight, close your left eye and open your right eye.
              5. Read the mm line that lines up with the center of your right pupil. That number is your Pupillary Distance. 

      Measuring your PD with a friend: 

      If your bestie or favorite family member is helping you measure your PD, simply stand in front of them with both eyes open, and have them put the zero on the millimeter ruler over the center of one pupil and have then measure the distance to the center of the other pupil. 

      • Things to Remember when Having Your Friend Measure your PD:
      • Have them sit or crouch down while they measure your PD, so that they are out of your field of vision, and you are looking straight ahead.
      • Try to keep your eyes as still as possible.
      • When looking straight ahead, focus on an object that is 10 - 20 ft away above their head.
      • Try your hardest not to look at the person measuring your PD! 


      Once you’ve measured your PD and have your prescription in hand - Ordering your FrameGenie frames will be a breeze!


    • How do I order online?

      To order from FrameGenie, you will need your up-to-date prescription, pupillary distance (PD), and your credit card or PayPal account information. Select your frames, add your prescription, choose your lenses, complete your order, and check out. You can pay online by credit card or PayPal after you have confirmed your order.

    • How do I change my order?

      We process orders very quickly but we’ll do our best to help you change your order. If you need to change your order for some reason, please call us at  (561) 413-9942 to speak with a Customer Service Agent immediately.

    • How do I cancel my order?

      Please call us at  (561) 413-9942 as soon as possible as most orders are processed within a few hours. We will do our very best to help.

    • How do I return my glasses?

      Please give us a call at  (561) 413-9942. You can also e-mail us at [email protected] to retrieve your personal RA #. One of our Agent’s would be more than happy to assist you in exchanging your eyewear and restyling into a different frame.

  • Lenses

    • How do I clean my lenses?

      Start by holding the frames under a faucet of warm water. Get your fingers soapy and GENTLY rub the lenses and the frame. This will remove grease and dirt without scratching the lenses.You can also use lens cleaner, but we recommend the water method if at all possible. Next, gently dab your lenses with a clean Soft Cloth until dry. Rubbing hard, especially on a dry lens, can easily scratch your lenses, so be careful.

    • Can I purchase lenses by themselves?

      We are sorry, but we do not offer lenses independent of their frames.

    • What type of lenses do you offer?

      • Standard Plastic Lens (1.50): This lens is also known as the basic CR-39 plastic lens that is best used for prescriptions with sphere values of +/-1.75 or below and a cylinder value of +/-2.00 or below.  This is also used for our Non-RX fashion lenses.

        • Lighter and safe alternative to glass

        • Tints well for sunglasses

      • Thin Plastic Lens (1.56): Thin Plastic Lenses, or Mid-Index lenses, are polymer lenses made for prescriptions stronger than the standard index optical lenses. These lenses are great for prescriptions between the sphere values of +/- 2.75 or below and cylinder values of +/-2.00 or below. This lens reduces thickness around the edges for nearsighted (-) prescriptions and reduces the centers thickness for farsighted (+) prescriptions.

      • Thin Impact Resistant Polycarbonate Lens (1.59): This lens is required for all semi-rimless frames due to its impact resistant capabilities. It is recommended for prescriptions with sphere values of +/-3.75 or below and cylinder values of +/-2.00 or below. This lens will reduce the thickness of the lens edge for prescriptions that are nearsighted (-) and reduces the thickness of the center for prescriptions that are farsighted (+).

        • Recommended for sports and children

        • Lightweight material

        • 25% thinner than plastic CR-39  lenses

        • Ideal for safety and stronger prescriptions

        • UV Protection included

      • Thin High-Index Lens (1.67): Our Thin High Index-Lens, is a polymer lens that allows for a thinner lens for stronger prescriptions than the Mid-Index and Polycarbonate Lenses. This lens is recommended for prescriptions with sphere values of +/- 4.75 or higher and cylinder values between +/-2.00 or higher.

        • UV Protection Included

        • Lightweight material

    • What do the numbers on my lens description mean?

      The numbers you see in the lens descriptions (1.50, 1.56, 1.59. 1.67) refers to the index of refraction (or refractive index) of an eyeglass lens material. It is a number that is a relative measure of how efficiently the material refracts (bends) light, which depends on how fast light travels through the material.

    • What determines the thickness of my lenses?

      The thickness of your lenses will depend on your prescription and lens index. Based on your prescription, FrameGenie will recommend the best lens option for you.

    • What lens coatings do you offer?

      At FrameGenie, we currently offer the following lens options: 

      • The Super Hydrophobic:The Super Hydrophobic has all of the benefits of the anti-reflective coating plus it is repels dirt and water making it easier to clean and keep clean. Our anti-reflective coating, is designed to help reduce eye fatigue, reflection, and glare. If you wear your glasses at night, anti-glare coating will improve night vision and enhance photos taken when you are wearing your glasses. Furthermore, it reduces reflections from the lens so that others can see you and the coating prevents spots, making them easier to clean. 
      • Standard Anti-reflective coating: Our Pure Sight® technology, also known as anti-reflective coating, is designed to help reduce eye fatigue, reflection and glare. If you wear your glasses at night, anti-glare coating will improve night vision and enhance photos taken while wearing your glasses. Furthermore, it reduces reflections from the lens so that others can see you and the special layer prevents spots, making them easier to clean.
      • Scratch Resistant Hard Coating: Protects lens from scratching, breaking or chipping and improves the durability and longevity of the lenses. 
      • UV-Protection: Helps block out the harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause damage to the eye. UV Protection does not change the color of the lens. Plastic lenses are known to block most of the ultraviolet light, adding an extra layer of  UV protection will completely shield the eyes from UV rays. 
      • Roll & PolishReduces the thickness of the edge of the lens.


    • How do I know which lens tint is right for me?

      Lens tints come down to personal choice. An 80% tint is a good choice for dark sunglasses. If you’re looking for a light tint, go with the 50% tint. A 10% tint is best for reducing eye strain and for activities requiring visual contrast.

    • What are Polarized lenses?

      Polarized lense reduces glare from surfaces such as water, glass, snow, and asphalt while helping to reduce eye fatigue and increasing visibility.  Polarized lenses are recommended for outdoor activities or people who spend a lot of time on the road. This lens will eliminate glare, block UV rays by providing 100% UV protection, and give you a great value for your investment.

      *This tint may alter the visibility of images on LCD screens.

    • What are photochromic lenses?

      A photochromic lens will darken when exposed to outside UV light and will lighten when indoors. This lens is most effective when exposed to direct sunlight and is comfortable for both inside and outside use. The lens will not darken while in the car or when near windows because most windshields and windows block out UV rays needed to darken the lenses. This type of lens is recommended for people who are sensitive to light. This lens option can be applied to all lens materials.

    • Can you replace lenses if I send my frames back?

      We are sorry but we do not offer lens replacements.You can replace your favorite order by going to your Account Dashboard and clicking the “Reorder” link on the order you wish to replace.

  • Prescription (Rx) Questions

    • What does my prescription mean?

      The first step to understanding your eyeglass prescription is knowing what "OD" and "OS" mean. They are abbreviations for oculus dexter and oculus sinister, which are Latin terms for right eye and left eye. 

      On your eyeglasses prescription, the information for your right eye (OD) comes before the information for your left eye (OS). Eye doctors write prescriptions this way because when they face you, they see your right eye on their left (first) and your left eye on their right (second).

    • Can I use a contact lens prescription to order glasses?

      No, a contact lens Rx can only be used for contact lenses and not glasses. The prescription types differ because eyeglass lenses are positioned at a distance from the eyes, while contacts rest directly on the eyes. This distance affects the lens power required for eyes to focus properly.

    • Can I still order glasses if my prescription has expired?

      Vision experts recommend getting a comprehensive yearly eye exam to ensure optimal vision health. If your prescription has expired, please get a new eye exam done before ordering your FrameGenie eyewear.

    • Can I order reading only glasses?

      Yes! There is a very simple formula to transform your prescription into a reading eyeglasses prescription.

      Formula: Sphere + Add = Near Sphere

      Reading glasses are single vision for near use only. The near prescription is the distance sphere prescription plus the add power, which will be found on your prescription. For example a +1.00 -0.50 with a 2.00 add, would be a +3.00 -0.50 reading lens.Whereas a -1.00 with a (+)2.00 Add would be a +1.00 reading lens.

    • What are Computer Glasses?

      These glasses are specifically designed for intermediate and close distances, which are the most common zones associated with computer use.

    • Do you offer bifocal or progressive lenses?

      Yes, we offer progressives. Once you’ve selected your frame, in the “Add Your Prescription” step, select Progressives (No-Line Bifocal) from the Prescription Type drop down. This will allow you to enter your progressive prescription.

    • What does sphere mean?

      The sphere number on your prescription refers to a measurement of how much correction is needed and is usually between -20 and +20.

    • What does cylinder mean?

      The cylinder category on your prescription refers to the measurement of how much correction is needed for patients with astigmatism.

    • What does axis mean?

      This describes the lens meridian that contains no cylinder power to correct astigmatism. The axis is defined with a number from 1 to 180. The number 90 corresponds to the vertical meridian of the eye, and the number 180 corresponds to the horizontal meridian.

    • What does add mean?

      This refers to the added magnifying power that is applied to the bottom part of multifocal lenses to correct presbyopia. This number is always shown as a “+, or positive” power. This number will generally range from +0.75 to +3.00 D and will be the same power for both eyes.

    • What does prism mean?

      The prism number is only used on a small percentage of eye prescriptions and is used to compensate for eye alignment problems.

    • What does prism base mean?

      When a prism number is applied, the prism base is used to indicate the direction of the prism.

    • Can I order more than one pair?

      Our FrameGenie website gives you the opportunity to order as many frames as you wish. As you shop through our selection, you can place any frames that you like in your shopping cart and continue browsing through the different styles. When you’re ready to checkout, simply click on your cart and follow the easy ordering process.

    • Can I add glasses to an order once I pay for it?

      Unfortunately, once an order has been made and processed you won’t be able to add more frames. But you can always place another order.

    • Is there an easy way to reorder a pair of glasses I bought previously?

      Of course! If you love your FrameGenie frames and want to order more, simply log into your account, look up the previous order and if the frames are available, you can click the Reorder link, and those frames will be added to your cart.